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on 07, Mar 2018
At the time of the remodeling of my house the subcontractors came across mold! I was encouraged by my brother to call Catstrong. It's a good thing I did! With the short time I have within my week, Catstrong worked with me to be there when I was in need of them and made sure that mold would not be a future issue.
Tenner Lewis
on 05, Jun 2017
I have been very pleased with the mold removal in my home. They were careful and thorough. Their recommendations for actions I could take to prevent reoccurrence were very helpful.
Sally Bornham
on 13, Dec 2017
Some of the best customer service I've ever received. I would definitely recommend them for any water damage restoration services. Great company to work with! A Pleasure to work with!
Sam Skelte
on 12, Mar 2018
Three days ago at my sister's condo, I discovered mold around the toilet in the guest bathroom and quickly contacted Catstrong. Their team appeared within an hour's notice and clarified the process of mold testing. The company worked with us from start to finish. We could not be more completely satisfied with Catstrong's expertise through this complete fiasco.
Davis Remins
on 03, Aug 2017
I came home from work one evening & found that the ceiling had fallen down in my sons bedroom from a roof leak. I did not have a clue what to do and my co-worker suggested Catstrong. They came out immediately! Not only were they quick to come to my needs, they were extremely professional and courteous and they had my home spotless before they left. I would recommend Catstrong to anyone!
Jimmy Durangey
on 10, Apr 2018
Catstrong helped my mom amid a mold problem and alleviated any stress all throughout the process. We realize who to call again if there are ever other issues. Cheers Eric and the team!
Travis Scotling
on 05, Feb 2018
A few months ago my brother purchased a 20 year old farm. Upon moving in we observed mold in several rooms. Catstrong aided us to get rid of the mold as well as work with the insurance firm even though we were still unpacking! Catstrong is the most professional organization I've ever dealt with and truly wants to help people in times of distress.
Johnny Dres
on 10, Jan 2018
The ashes in my house was amazing. I was reluctant to get help due to the fact that I was unclear of fees and if my insurance agency would cover the damage. Fortunately the first company I consulted with was Catstrong. The company teamed up with my insurance company to cover the cost of air duct cleaning. Not only did Catstrong fix my dust concern, but helped to remove any future health risks. Thanks Catstrong!!
Joel Lester
on 05, Nov 2017
Fantastic company. We were selling our house and a mold inspection came back positive. The inspector the buyer used said he could do the whole basement and warranty it for 6 mths. Chy came out after hours to look at issue and report. They could not only do the same work for less but warranty the work for longer. I also used them for the house we were purchasing. I say this is the #1 company in the Central Texas for mitigation and restoration.
Ellen Rozberg
on 17, Sep 2017
Great one of the best.. .. I love those guy's good job!! ?
Kyle Moreain


Catstrong LLC has actually been giving house owners in LEANDER and also the bordering locations with top quality mold inspection and removal as well as removal in LEANDER as well as numerous various other indoor air quality solutions. We are distinctly certified to manage these jobs many thanks to our mix of thorough education and learning and also substantial real-world experience.

Our owners habe greater than 30 years of experience with household and also industrial HVAC systems, moisture control, as well as indoor air quality. We are acknowledged as a leading authority in the area, as well as he is typically asked to give specialists testament in lawful instances that entail mold, moisture, constructing efficiency, and also indoor air quality problems.
If you have any kind of issues with mold, moisture, or air top quality in your LEANDER, our professionals will certainly have the ability to discover situate the issues, in addition to their resources, as well as aid you protect against any kind of more damages from being done. Our professionals have the experience, education and learning, as well as devices to give you with the outright air high quality solutions and also aid you maintain your residence as secure and also healthy and balanced as feasible in any way times. We additionally supply the finest customer care, as well as all of our job features a 100% complete satisfaction warranty.

Provide us a phone call today at 512-894-9361 to ask any kind of concerns you have regarding mold development or your house’s indoor air quality, or to arrange a visit, as well as we’ll be eagerly anticipating aiding you.


As COVID-19 continues to spread around the world, Catstrong stands ready to assist local businesses, schools, senior living centers, and government entities in minimizing the risk to customers, tenants and the public posed by potential viruses and bacteria.

If you would like to minimize the risk to your business and/or home, you need to take action to make your environment a healthier place. We are equipped to help inhibit bacterial growth in any facility or home. Our sanitation processes utilize hospital-grade solutions that kills 99% of pathogens including: bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Our process is more advanced than traditional surface wipe down methods. Catstrong ANTIVIRAL Services strives to aid your employees and  family members in a healthy environment. Other services provided include: mold remediation and water damage restoration, Fire restoration and disinfectant for medical and commercial facilities.

Our technicians are sensitive to your situation and work diligently to ensure that your property is once again a safe environment for your family or employees.

To help understand the different approaches that can be performed Catstrong has put together different work plans for your situation and budget. Please call Catstrong at (512) 894-9361 to schedule an appointment for an estimate.

As the spread of COVID-19 contaminates our neighborhood and the areas around us, it has never ever been more vital to deal with how we can be proactive in protecting against the proceeded spread in addition to quickly responsive to any contamination that is recognized. We must work together to do our part in avoidance by understanding just how the infection spreads and what we can do to aid include it.
Right here at Catstrong, we are ready to resolve your company’s demands. With our experience in bio threat clean up and decontamination, we are ready as well as equipped to assess as well as treat your commercial building. Your health and wellness are our top concern. Our service technicians are IICRC certified as well as make use of CDC as well as EPA approved anti-bacterial.
Catstrong Services
Catstrong ANTI-VIRAL Services strive every day to aid keep your family members and also your business secure from mold and mildew and also ecological hazards. We offer both commercial and property services including: mold remediation and water damage restoration, and disinfection for medical and commercial facilities.

Our current services include:


Catstrong will come in and perform a fogging treatment and application with an ANTIVIRAL inhibitor, seal openings if necessary for the recommended treatment time, and (if needed) ventilate the area once the procedure is completed. Excellent for preventative measures and can be set up on an ongoing monthly or quarterly preferred customer agreement. This will help create a healthy and safe work environment for very minimal cost.


This work plan includes the fogging treatment and an additional disinfecting of high traffic areas by hand. Catstrong will hand wipe and disinfect door knobs, light switches, misc. handles, non porous contents such as desk chair arms, desk tops. counter tops….. This work plan will help reduce potential harmful bacteria and viruses and will include the Get Back To Work Plan.  


This work plan includes the TOUCH POINT SURFACE and Get Back To Work plans. In your higher risk areas such as Senior Living, Schools, University’s, Municipalities, Healthcare Facilities and businesses this is a complete disinfectant of porous and non porous interior surfaces and contents. The All inclusive will also include detailed cleaning, HEPA air scrubbing, HEPA vacuuming of ceiling, walls, floors fabric furniture.  

  • Concrete Transport
    Frontend Developer
    The application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to activities in order to meet the requirements of a project.
  • Architecture
    Frontend Developer
    The application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to activities in order to meet the requirements of a project.
  • Containment
    Frontend Developer
    We contained the mold to prevent spread and avoid health issues.
  • Analysis
    Frontend Developer
    The application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to our activities in order to meet the requirements of a project.

Why Select Catstrong LLC

Catstrong LLC founders have been delivering mold inspection, evaluation, removal and remediation and various other air quality solutions to residential and commercial property owners in and around LEANDER. Every one of our specialists are highly skilled professionals with comprehensive experience, and we’re consistently able to deliver complete and precise services that will help you maintain your home or business clean, safe, and healthy. We comprehend how essential your home or building is to you and your or employees, so we make every effort to offer you with the highest possible quality services possible.

Certainly there’s absolutely nothing more important than the health of your spouse, children, or employees, and whenever you depend on our professionals, you’ll always understand that your home, condo, or apartment building is as healthy as possible.

Indoor mold

Mold (American English) or mould (British English), also sometimes referred to as mildew, is a fungal growth that develops on wet materials. Mold is a natural part of the environment and plays an important part in nature by breaking down dead organic matter such as fallen leaves and dead trees; indoors, mold growth should be avoided. Mold reproduce by means of tiny spores. The spores are like seeds, but invisible to the naked eye, that float through the air and deposit on surfaces. When the temperature, moisture, and available nutrient conditions are correct, the spores can form into new mold colonies where they are deposited.[1] There are many types of mold, but all require moisture and a food source for growth.

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Technical Articles

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Cleanup Information for Mold RemediationExperts workers
NIOSH Recommendations for the Cleaning and Remediation of Flood-Contaminated HVAC Systems: A Guide for Building Owners and Managers

A guide for building owners or managers if heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems are flooded.

Workplace Safety and Health

Dampness and mold remediation advice from NIOSH for workers.

Mold Remediation in Schools and Commercial Buildings

Key steps from EPA in investigating, evaluating, and remediating moisture and mold problems in schools .

Mold Prevention Strategies and Possible Health Effects in the Aftermath of Hurricanes and Major Floods

A 2006 report by the CDC Mold Work Group addressing public health concerns related to limiting exposure to mold and identifying, preventing, and managing mold-related health effects following any natural disasters or other occurrences that results in flooding or major water intrusion.

Publications on Exposure to Mold and Related Health Effects [PDF – 35 KB]

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